Groups: Communications, LRDC_Conference_Rooms
Name Description
2nd_Floor_LRDC_Conference_Room Conference Room: 2nd Floor LRDC
514_LRDC_Conference_Room Conference Room: 514 LRDC
637_LRDC_Conference_Room Conference Room: 637 LRDC
731_LRDC_Conference_Room Conference Room: 731 LRDC
809_LRDC_Conference_Room Conference Room: 809 LRDC
814_LRDC_Conference_Room Conference Room: 814 LRDC
9th_Floor_LRDC_Conference_Room Conference Room: 9th Floor LRDC
ALL_LRDC_Conference_Rooms Displays events from all public LRDC conference rooms
LRDC_Events_Calendar LRDC Events Calendar

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